About Liza

Liza J Alvarado is a Bilingual Licensed Professional Counselor, working with teens, adults and Spanish-speaking families. She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) Liza received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Cedar Crest College and a Master of Science degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Chestnut Hill College.

While earning her Bachelor’s degree, she began her career coordinating a pilot program that empowered new mothers to practice self-care, while connecting with others in the community, in order to build strong families. She then provided therapeutic services to children and adolescents in their home, school, and community setting. Liza has also worked with children and adolescents who lived in the foster care system.

After completing her Master’s degree, she focused her clinical skills on providing psychotherapy to children, youth, and their families in an outpatient setting. As a bi-lingual therapist, Liza also serves the Hispanic community in the Lehigh Valley.

Liza’s professional goal is to help as many people as possible understand that they have the power to take control of their mental health. Mental health is the foundation to living a fulfilling life. Liza practices a holistic approach where a person’s relationships, physical health, environment, and spirituality are considered.

Liza enjoys giving talks in the community on various mental health topics. She has been a guest expert on St. Luke’s Spanish health information radio show “Hablando con su Doctor” broadcasting on La Mega 106.9FM

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