Dealing with Post Holiday Blues

Sometime after Halloween, you start getting busier than usual to prepare for Thanksgiving. Then before Thanksgiving is even over, you’re preparing for Christmas, then the New Year. But after all the family gatherings, spending money and days off from work, things start to go back to your normal routine. And this can cause you to fall into a funk.

Try these 6 tips to prevent you from falling into that slump.

  • Give yourself a specific time limit to recharge. Pick 5 days, one week, two weeks, or whatever feels right, to relax, physically and mentally.
  • January is a dark, long, cold month so you may be tempted to stay inside. Try to plan activities through out the month. It’ll get you out of the house and have something to look forward to.
  • You may be feeling lonely now that friends and family went back to their everyday routine. Make sure you make time to stay in touch and spend time with friends and family. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Having family and friends over for dinner or a movie night can be a great way to spend time together.
  • After over indulging on holiday meals and alcohol, work on getting back on track with an exercise routine and healthy eating habits. You can try to limit junk food and drinking more water. Click here for ideas on exercising without going to the gym.
  • While you’re putting all your holiday decorations away, go through the clutter and give things to charity that you don’t use, throw away broken items or sell what’s still good but you have no  use for.  Cleaning up your environment helps you feel more productive and feel good overall.
  • Many people go into debt buying holiday gifts. If this is causing you stress, instead of avoiding looking at the bills, come up with a plan to pay off the debt and plan for better spending next year. If finances are typically stressful, learn to track your spending. There are many apps like Mint and Truebill.

Remember, just as fast as the holidays came and went, as you start a new routine and have new things to look forward to, you’ll start feeling better.


About the Author.
Liza J Alvarado is a professional counselor in private practice. She serves Adolescents, adults and Spanish speaking families in the Lehigh Valley, PA.


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