Positive Websites.

Did you know that statistically we live in the safest of times? Our health care is better than even just 20 years ago, our cars are safer, and thanks to the internet, we are more easily educated. But why does it feel like the world is getting worse?

The thing that allows us to be connected, also makes us think that the world is a horrible place. With the internet and television, we can know instantly when something bad is happening. And on TV, the bad news is repeated all day long.
We all know our media gives us 90% negative news and 10% good, if that. Yes bad things do happen everyday, but so do good things.

Here are some websites for you to check out when you need some inspiration, motivation or just want to grow and learn. I would suggest that you spend more time on sites like the ones below, and less time watching the news and reading up on negative stories.

Good News Network This is one of my favorite sites. Here you’ll find inspiring, positive news from around the world. They even have cute videos that make you smile and remind you that there are amazing people out there. Another site like Good News Network. Daily Good shares all positive news from around the world. They also share positive news in specific areas such as science, tech, and business.

Good is an online magazine focused on sharing positive news and ideas.

TED are talks about “ideas worth spreading”. They have talks on every topic you can think of. TED even has a phone app for you to watch the videos where ever you are.

ZenHabits ranks as one of the best motivational blogs on the web. It’s a simple site that focuses on sharing articles, some with tips, that can help you in your daily life.

The Huffington Post Good News section. The Huffington post tries to balance mainstream news with positive news. They have a section that’s all about good news. I really like the Huffington post because it gives us a balance. There are a lot of sections to the post so check out the site entirely.

The Happiness Project I heard about this site when I listened to the woman who owns it, Gretchen Rubin, on a podcast. She’s an author and wanted to know how we can create good habits and be happier. She did a bunch of experiments on herself to try to make good habits and feel happier, and she shares some of those ideas on the site.

Coursera Do you love to learn new things? Are you always trying to improve your skills? Coursera partners with some of the best colleges and universities to let you take online classes completely FREE. They’re legitimate classes so you’ll have homework and everything. Some are a few weeks long. Some could be longer. They’re free because you don’t get credit towards a degree. Anyone can sign up and take a class. You do get a certificate at the end of every class.


These are just a few of the sites I’ve been on but there are so many good resources out there. Try to be more mindful of what you watch and read. If you only see negativity, you’re going to believe that the world is a horrible place. But if you see the good things that are going on in the world, you’ll see that it’s not always a scary place. That there are good people out there.


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About the author.

Liza J Alvarado is a professional counselor in private practice. She serves Adolescents, young adults, and Spanish speaking families in the Bethlehem, PA area.


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